Do you re-read?

I’m starting to think I should change this section of my blog to ‘My Crazy Reading Obsessions’! Now I don’t know about you but I am one of those annoying people who re-watch the same movie a million times, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite movie of all time, I watched that movie at least once a week for basically all of my teenage years

My sister and I had a deal, we could watch Harry Potter again if I didn’t repeat every word, that never happened and now we plan on getting matching Marauders Map tattoos! 

I also play albums on repeat for months at a time (Halsey is my current obsession) and once I get my hands on an amazing book or series I just can’t help but re-read it. I literally have a hundred physical books on my shelf that I have not read, that I really want to read, but all I want to do is re-read ACOMAF, even though I have already read it twice this year, yes i know it only came out in May!

This year alone I think I may have almost re-read more books then new ones and everytime I go to pick up something new or download a new audiobook I think to myself “maybe I’ll re-read the rest of the series and then start this one!”

I tend to get emotionally attached to characters and for me that’s why I love series because the fun goes on for so many books. Even when they focus on side characters I get to still learn about the old ones while falling in love with new ones. 

But with re-reading comes the guilt especially with an ever expanding TBR shelf and the constant urge to keep buying new books.

Honestly with such amazing fanart and all the bookish socials it’s hard not to re-read every book I’ve ever read! 

For me there is something special about revisiting your favourite story with new eyes. To get lost in the pages and just enjoy the book all over again, but I know for most they can’t re-read at all. I have a friend who told me that when she was a teenager she worked out how many books she would most likely read in a lifetime and figured out that she doesn’t have enough time to re-read her books as the number of books she can fit in one lifetime isn’t enough! I know people who get bored or who can just move on and pick up a new book even if it’s a favourite, Harry Potter however seems to be the exception for all! 

Some of the many books I have re-read this year

So my question is, do you do you re-read? Am I alone in my obsessive re-reading? If so do you count these towards your Goodreads challenge? How do you stop from re-reading everything?! Do you feel guilty when you do re-read?

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