October Wrap-up

So, I’m not surprised that I wasn’t able to keep to my TBR I set for October but I did read 8 books and almost all of them were great reads!

So without further ado here are the 8 books I read in October:

(Review Guide)

Wicked Sexy LiarΒ by Christina Lauren – 😯 πŸ˜€ 4.5 stars

I adore Christina Lauren and their Wild SeasonsΒ series is by far my favourite. Although neither series is “serious” I would say that this one is much more fun. London was an extremely relatable character, her struggles with what to do after College and what path to walk down is a struggle I think most face (myself included). Luke I would have to say was one of my least favourite of Christina Lauren’s male protagonists however I still really enjoyed their love story. I hope this isn’t the last in the series!

The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L Armentrout – 2 stars

Now, JLA is one of my favourite authors of all time. I have read almost all of her books but I just couldn’t get into this one! I think the story she was trying to tell was super important and I think it had all the elements to make a captivating read but it was just so slow and way to long. There was a lot of telling not showing Malory’s character development and the same with Rider. I applaud her for taking on such an important story and keeping it extremely diverse but my issue with this one was the writing. I would suggest if you wanted to read something by JLA starting with her Wait For You series.

Honor by Jay Crownover – 😯 😎 😈 :mrgreen: 5 stars

Jay Crownover has been a little bit of a hit and miss author for me. I had a few issues with her Marked Men series but overall I enjoyed almost all of the books. However her Welcome to The Point series is one of my favourites. I love how they are so gritty and don’t try to be anything more than what they are, and her start to The Breaking Point series was really no exception. I listened to Honor in a day, I just couldn’t put it down.

“He would always be something sharp and deadly on the inside, something that could be used to destroy, but every blade needs a sheath and every gun needs a holster to protect it. I had no problem offering myself up as the thing that kept this particular weapon secure.”

Key and Nassir are some of Jay’s strongest characters and I could have read a story just about each of them individually. I loved how Key wasn’t ashamed of who she was and how in tuned she is with her sexuality. Similarly I loved how unapologetic Nassir was, his bad his done terrible things all his life and he will do anything to protect whats his.

I can’t wait for the next in this series

Four Letter Word by J. Daniels – 😯 2.5 stars

It was the month of disappointing reads by favourite authors. I was expecting to LOVE this book. J Daniels has not written a bad book to date. Her Alabama Summer series is one of my all time favourites. Ben Kelly is my ultimate Book Boyfriend. However Four Letter Word was just so cliche, it oozed Insta-love and I just did not like how it dealt with Sydney’s previous relationship. I think there are better ways of showing that some people just fall out of love without making the your ex-other half into an ass.

Ravage by Tillie Cole – 😯 😎 😈 :mrgreen: ❗ 4 stars

Tillie Cole’s Scarred Souls series will not be for everyone. I love anything Organised Crime, I love gangs, Motorbike Clubs and anything Mafia related. Which is kind of strange as IRL I hate anything violence related, I am a Hufflepuff through and through. BUT I also like reading about a bad boy and I think if you are going to write a bad boy he has to actually be bad. This series is about the Russian Bratva. In Tillie Cole fashion it deals with some serious issue and it is violent.

This one has me a little bit conflicted. I enjoyed this installment and I can see the overarching story really coming together, but I felt like it pushed the boundaries a little bit and while the feminist in me wants to shout and scream that some of the scenes are not even close to ok, the reader in me says that this was a captivating novel and the story has me thoroughly hooked. I am still trying to find my way with Dark Contemporary Romances and I think it will always be a genre I love to hate. However if this is your genre I would recommend giving this series a go.

Wolfs Mate by Chantal Fernando – 😯 😎 😈 :mrgreen: 4 stars

This is book 5 in the Wind Dragons MC Series and I surprisingly really enjoyed it! I know what your thinking, why would you read 5 books in the series and be surprised that it’s good? And the answer to that is IDK, the first 4 books were a solid 3 stars. I enjoyed the stories and I liked all the characters but I felt like there was something missing, but obviously there was enough there to keep me reading. Or it is more than possible that I have accepted that they are trashy books and are ok with that.

Hotter Than Ever by Elle Kennedy – 😯 3 stars

So one thing you should know about me is that I’m generally an inquisitive curious person. So when I saw that Elle Kennedy (a favourite author of mine) had written an entire series where it seems like each book is about a different set of 3 (MΓ©nage a trois) I was curious on how you would write a happy ending into that. Did the female pick just one? Did they go there own seperate ways? Does it become a polygamous relationship and how does that work? So I picked the one that sounded the best (book 9) and also what was available in Australia and gave it a go. The first half was actually pretty boring and I almost gave up but when things go a little heated it got a lot interesting. I don’t really find the ending all that plausible and I’m still stuck on the “how does it really work?” Question as it finished where all romances finished – the HEA – but it was an entertainer read, most likely not a sub genre I’ll be venturing into anymore though.

Sweet Filthy Morning After by Christina Lauren – πŸ˜‰ 5 stars

Last but definitely not least we have Sweet Filthy Morning After. Now this isn’t a book, it a 30 minute audiobook of Ansels perspective from Sweet Filthy Boy and OMG you have to download it! I have been listening to it to fall asleep to, that French accent soothing me to sleep! It also really highlights how adorable Ansel truly is. If you haven’t started the Wild Seasons series yet, I suggest you start with this.

I also re-listened to:

What did you read this month? Did you stick to your October TBR?

4 thoughts on “October Wrap-up

  1. Tamsien Babbling Books says:

    Holy moley! Charlee that’s a lot of books! And then there were the relistens at the end… I have lost track of what I have read but, maybe…. 3 books? And I have fallen so far behind on my reviews!! But I love the style of these mini reviews, not my genres really but I have considered picking them up πŸ˜„


    • cjreads says:

      I did listen to a lot of them and I have done a lot of arts and craft this month. Glad you like the mini reviews was a little worried they were a bit long! I don’t think I could recommend any of the books to you they are definitely not your genre. Maybe you could listen to Sweet Filthy Morning After and you might start the Wild Seasons series!!! Just a thought


  2. lebookchronicles says:

    I tried reading Sweet Filthy Boy but I couldn’t stand the main characters :/ loved the Beautiful Bastard series though! And I also read Four Letter Word this month, but I loved it! Will you read Hit the Spot?


    • cjreads says:

      That’s a shame, Ansel is one of my favourite characters written by CL. Yes I will definitely read Hit The Spot, J Daniels is an autobuy author for me so I will 100% give it a shot. It’s possible my expectations were to high, I’m really not sure what went wrong!


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