DIY Mini Christmas Wreaths

Hey guys! 

So I never actually planned on doing a mini Christmas Wreath tutorial or even to make them, but when I was cleaning up after the baubles I just started fiddling around with the left over Christmas tree and made these! 

Christmas Baubles

This will be super short as I didn’t really take any step by step instructions and it all should be pretty self explanatory. 

Basically all I did was bend the single piece of Christmas tree (can be as big as you want) into a circle shape, where the 2 ends meet I glued them down with a little bit of hot glue and held for a few seconds. You could finish here or you can add things like twine, bells, Pom Poms or even some hessian. 

I am not really sure how I’m going to use these or if I will make anymore. They would look nice on small presents or with the cutlery on the Christmas table! 

What have you accidentally made without even trying? Do you plan on making something for your Christmas Table?

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