Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 2

Disclaimer: Please don’t read this if you haven’t seen season 1/ previous episodes or read The Mortal Instruments (TMI) series. All reviews will have a small spoiler free section for the episode I am reviewing at the start and then will move on to a spoiler section. As always I hope to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Hey guys!

Sorry I am getting this to you so late! Life has been a bit crazy hectic this last week, first week back to work *cries in the corner* and on top of that I had a hens weekend and I am currently writing this at work while eating some soup and feeling sorry for myself. Lets just say lucky I took lots of notes while watching last weeks episode.

Spoiler Free

Last weeks episode was 100% my favourite so far and I am so glad I have hung in there! Although there is still some things I had issues with if you compare this episode to season 1 episode 2 you would think you are watching completely different shows. The acting continues to improve (except Joceyln I don’t think I am going to be able to get on board with her anytime soon). I really love how much time we are spending with Valentine and learning more and more about his motives I cannot wait to see where they take his character arc.

All of the Spoilers

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Lets just jump straight into things I liked because I love a bit of positivity.

“You have a new life now – You have me and that’s not gonna change”

This was may favourite thing about the entire episode. I love that they have developed their relationship so early and how understanding Izzy is about Clary’s struggles. I cannot wait to see this relationship continue to develop.

While we are talking about Clary, I loved her interaction with Dot and fully support the change of making her closer to Clary’s age (well kinda). I think it is great that they are showing female friendship in such a positive light. We need our gal pals to get us through the hard times!

Also a big A+ to Kat’s acting this episode, honestly I have no real faults and I think she has developed the most out of all the actors. This episode was very Clary focused and I love that they are continuing with this struggle of her trying to fit into this new world. By making Simon a Downworlder I think the books really made it seem like she had nothing left in the Mundane world and nothing to miss which would never really be true. I also think its really important to show that what Joceyln did was give Clary hope for a world she could never be a part of.

Can we also just give a big shout out to “By the Angel!” and “The Law is Hard but it is the Law” Book quotes are after all the best quotes

celebrities lady gaga reactions thanks thank you

Again the effects and fight scenes looked so much more real and I hope that continues throughout the season. Izzy kicking that guys ass was everything and to everyone else who said there is no way Alec would just stand there, here is him laughing at you because he knows Izzy can handle anything. She is the best young Shadowhunter only second to Jace who has more angel blood, so she could totally take the steroid using body builder and Alex knows it!

The things that continue to annoy me

  • If they do one more ridiculous tracking rune thing again I am going to be so mad. It makes so sense and it is driving me nuts. And why in the world was it not white!!!!
  • where is Inquisitor Herondale? I like Aldertree as a character but they need Imogene to really progress the plot and I just want to see her save Jace when she realises that he is her grandson
  • And while we are on Aldertree – they are giving him way to much power. Yes, The Law is Hard but it is the Law and all that but no one would just blindly follow a government that threatens to constantly de-rune them over such minor things and they cannot ban Shadowhunter/Downworlder interactions, they can discourage it and frown upon it but they cannot ban it and of all people an acting head of the Institute, I think not. If that was how the Clave was to operate Valentine would not have been the first uprising
  • Jace is also annoying me (only a smidgen) I don’t think he would stand by while Valentine enslaved Downworlders he would be secretly trying to make things right
  • If this memory Rune exists why cant Joceyln just show Clary her memories she lost in the memory demon?
  • Lastly the most important question of them all……. is Joceyln’s hair a wig? because it looks terrible

Well that was my super quick recap for last weeks episode I cannot wait for Tuesday and to see whats next and to meet Maia (she looks badass!)

So what was your favourite scene and least favourite scene?

Episode 3 trailer

3 thoughts on “Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 2

    • cjreads says:

      I actually have pretty high hopes for it after these last 2 episodes, I was almost going to give up.

      You have got to Google it Bec seriously the front of her hair just looks so much like a wig and it’s driving me crazy

      Liked by 1 person

      • Bec says:

        BAHAHAHA Okay I’ll google it, just for you!!! 😛
        And that’s good! I was going to watch it so I could fill the trash void that Teen Wolf left behind while it was on a break between seasons, but I’ve just not gotten around to it. I’m terrible with staying up to date with TV!


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