Shadowhunters Season 2 Episode 3

Disclaimer: Please don’t read this if you haven’t seen season 1/ previous episodes or read The Mortal Instruments (TMI) series. All reviews will have a small spoiler free section for the episode I am reviewing at the start and then will move on to a spoiler section. As always I hope to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Hello fellow Shadowhunters!

I have my review nice and early this week full of gifs and exclamation marks!!!!!! I hope you have been keeping up with the series and enjoying it as much as I am. All reviews for previous episodes can be found here.

Spoiler Free

I really enjoyed this weeks episode and I am finding with each new set of notes I take I am finding less and less to complain about. NO it’s not perfect BUT the improvement in the show is 1000% worth noting. Character development is really starting to happen and the end of this episode has me convinced we are going to get a lot of book content in the next episode!

Spoilers Spoilers Spoilers!!!

Image result for shall not enter gif

Ok, so I normally like to go from start to finish in my reviews but I cant wait because MY GOD THE BLOODY FEELS!!!!

Entreat me not to leave thee,
Or return from following after thee—
For whither thou goest, I will go,
And where thou lodgest, I will lodge.
Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God.
Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried.
The Angel do so to me, and more also,
If aught but death part thee and me.

Image result for the feels gif

I was just so caught up in the moment and I knew that Alec would obviously be fine and I cant even explain it but I did shed a little tear and then it had me thinking about Will and Jem and I am honestly so tragic. That was my favourite moment by far from this series (and the last) and gives me so much hope!

The kids they used for little Jace and Alec were super cute however I don’t think it was necessary to have the Teenage ones. Jace and Alec would have been Parabatai around 12 (if my memory serves me right) and those little kids would have been perfect for that. I did however like that they had that moment of doubt for Alec, I think that was really important to show how long he has really been struggling with his sexuality.

I love that Magnus called out Joceyln for her shit. It was so wrong for her to use Alec like she did, she knows Valentine and therefore knows he would not kill one of his “trophies” she put Alec in danger when there was 100 other options she could have taken first. Also her bi-polar one minute I’m going to kill Jace the next I want to help him was just so *argh* frustrating.

Although I was super happy that we got to meet Maia super early and the actress who plays her is PERFECTION, honestly could not think of anyone better, I was just not that convinced on the actions of the wolves in this episode.

What is the point of being an Alpha if you cannot control the pack. It also sets a really strange character start for Maia who not once have we seen with Gretel to be so angry and blood thirsty for her death, to the point where she would disobey the Alpha, is she just a super angry person? Also I feel like they had a great opportunity to show how kickass Jace is (like in the book) and have him fight really well at the Hunters Moon instead of him having his ass handed to him.

Some other things I noticed/thought were:

  • I wonder if Raj will have a character arc of liking Alec, maybe like a rebound for a few episodes if they want to cause Malec drama
  • The set seems so much bigger
  • Izzy Slaying! “I’ll save Alec and I’ll save Jace” we need more Izzy in our lives!!
  • Luke being all Maia Stand Down after Izzy saves the day, my notes literally say – “bit late Luke Izzy got this”

I am really liking were this show is headed, I do however need some more Izzy in my life! What did you guys think? What was you favourite scene? What would you change?

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