Sadowhunters Season 2 Episode 4

Disclaimer: Please don’t read this if you haven’t seen season 1/ previous episodes or read The Mortal Instruments (TMI) series. All reviews will have a small spoiler free section for the episode I am reviewing at the start and then will move on to a spoiler section. As always I hope to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Heya Shadowhunters!

I am sure this review is now obsolete as you have probably already seen episode 5 – cause you know I just don’t have my shit together – I will however put my thoughts down super quickly and then try and get episode 5’s review a lot quicker this week.

Spoiler Free

There is a lot of things I loved and some small stuff  I didn’t like about this episode and don’t really have to many spoiler free thoughts. I will say however that the show feels so much more its own now. Like I’m no longer watching out of loyalty to the books and my love for them but now because I am actually super excited for the next weeks episode.

I would also just like to bitch about Shadowhunters TV super quickly. IF social media people from Shadowhunters have found my tiny corner of the internet for some strange and widely unlikely reason I have a tiny bit of advise for you. The show is not available to the rest of the world (outside of the US) until like 5 hours after it airs in the states. So if the show has you know a character death how about you wait until your entire audience has has the slightest chance to see the show before you talk about said character death on Instagram out of you know a common courtesy. You have your Shadowhunters Chat on Twitter and everyone knows not to go on Tumblr but seriously give us one safe feed!

Here comes the Spoilers

Image result for abandon ship gif

Ok so I have spent a small section of each review bitching about Joceyln and the actor who plays her but I was not expecting them to kill her! It does make sense I mean she is constantly getting in the way – she should have stayed in her magical comer for another 2 seasons – and I don’t like the actress and I didn’t really like her in the books either but still it kinda feels wrong. From the previews for next weeks episode (i.e the episode that has just aired in the US) it looks like Clary is going to try and bring her back and I really hope the outcome will be that they cant and we just move on. I am happy for the position it puts Alec and Clary in to kind of disrupt that relationship a bit more but I am super worried about where that leaves Luke.

As I didn’t take notes and will literally be watching the next episode in less then 3 hours lets just dot point my thoughts (that I can kind of remember):

  • Loved the Clary and Jace scene in the City of Bones and well basically any of the Jace scenes. I am super glad that he got to actually use the Soul Sword before it was stolen by Valentine. Dom Sherwood did some A grade acting and his struggle with the Clary question and his allegiance to the Clave was on point!
  • Magnus and Camille scene broke my little heart. Poor Magnus.
  • They need to stop treating Izzy as this side character and bring her in to the fold more.
  • I still hate Aldertree and Christine from Polandbannasbooks  theory seems pretty on point and I am a bit worried she may be right
  • It was SOOOOOOOOOOO cool that they are finally getting assignments and hunting demons! I loved the glamoured crime scene and the little hunt for the demon.
    • Also loving how compassionate Clary is and how well they are showing her character

Now some quick questions/thoughts

  • When in the world are we going to get some more book content?
    • I just want the Seilie Court scene and Imogene Herondale
  • When do you think Sebastian will be introduced? I actually cant wait for him to cause some havoc he is one of my favouite villains of all time
  • Also when do you think the big no incest will be revealed? I think it might actually be the cliffhanger for this season.

This weeks review lesson it to take some notes or review straight after I know I felt so much more feelings.

I would love to hear all of your throughts below.

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