Rating books you love to hate

Hey guys,

Ok, so as a predominantly romance reader in more specifically the New Adult genre – which is still trying to find its feet – I often come across books I love and hate all in one. Confused? Me too! What made me really think about this was my first 3 reads of 2017 The Maybe Series by Chantal Fernando.

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I had read basically all the books in her Wind Dragons MC series earlier last year and am actually unsure as to why after love hating that series that I choose to read this one. Actually I do know, It’s because these were the only books of hers left on audible I hadn’t listened to.

I have read 8 books and 1 novella from her and have given none of the books over 3 stars. They aren’t necessarily books I would actually recommend to anyone however they are highly addictive at the same time as being completely frustrating, so my questions are:

A. Why do I keep Reading them?
B. Why did I Reread them (though I must admit for this series it was for this post)?
C. How in the world do I rate and review them?
D. And…….. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

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I am not a big fan of referring to any books I read as ‘guilty pleasures’ because it implies that I should feel guilty for reading them and it’s only a title generally given to books people think lesser of such as Young Adult and Romance, which I of course disagree with. However I think in the case of books I love to hate I would refer to them as guilty pleasures because even when they frustrate me I still cant put them down.

I know these books aren’t great for one reason or another whether it is the actual content or the actual writing but they are so addictive. Then when it’s all done and I have devoured the book or the entire series (lets be honest here) and I go to Goodreads and I look at those little stars I never know what to do. And don’t even start me on actually reviewing them, if I cant work out what star rating they deserve how in the world am I going to figure out words to review the things!

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So my question is; How do you rate books you Love to Hate, and furthermore how do you stop yourself from continuing to pick them up?!


5 thoughts on “Rating books you love to hate

  1. Bec says:

    I have this problem with the author Laurell K Hamilton. I know I enjoyed her books, but I haven’t read them in years and I can’t stop myself from continually buying them. Ironically the first book is called Guilty Pleasures and it’s about a detective who investigates preternatural murders (vampires, werecreatures, etc). I bet I’ll love them to binge when I get back. But I just?? They’d probably be 3 star reads for me? I feel your pain ahaha!

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