Review guide

I review and discuss both New Adult & Young Adult novels, to help you pick which content is right for you I have put together a guide on how I review these types of books.

Almost all New Adult novels I read would be considered 17+ (by the publisher) at a bare minimum, however I will not be putting an age recommendation with any of my reviews. The reason for this is that age (in my opinion) is just a number and what aΒ person can comprehend and feel is not limited to their age. That being said, I will be adding little emoticons at the start of each review that will represent a specific topic, so you can make the decision to read the review and then possibly read the book, or simply move on. These emoticons will appear on top of all reviews, not just my New Adult reviews.

Emoticons and their meaning:

  • 😯 It’s getting hot in here! If sexual explicit scenes aren’t your thing move along my friend! If it is your in for a treat.
  • 😎 Kick ass strong Female protagonist.
  • 😈 Alpha male for the win.
  • πŸ˜€ Hilarious.
  • πŸ˜‰ Swoon, oh be still my beating heart. We have ourselves a beautiful love story here my friends. Sickly sweet to make your heart melt.
  • :mrgreen: Some seriously F**ked up language right here.
  • ❗ Trigger warning this is a dark contemporary romance. It could deal with Sexual Assault, Violence and or other upsetting themes.

I may end up adding more to the list but at this time these are my categories. If you have any suggestions please let me know in the comments section below.

Star ratingsΒ 

Lastly, I will still be rating books out of 5 (including half) stars, with the general theme of:

  • 5 stars – Love Love LOVE.
  • 4 stars – Loved but is missing the wow.
  • 3 stars – on the fence.
  • 2 stars – it tried, but no.
  • 1 star – is almost never given out so watch out for the rant that comes with a 1 star review.

2 thoughts on “Review guide

  1. Eliza Rich says:

    My name is Eliza Rich. I found your book blog on Instagram and totally love it. I was wondering if you would consider reviewing my book? I am hoping to publish it in mid February, but as this my first I am anticipating some road bumps. My book is currently called Crossing The Flooded Prairie (although I am debating renaming it still). Set in the early 2000s, 11 states in the central U.S. get hit by an unanticipated flood. Suddenly families are frantically evacuating to other areas in hopes of finding dry land, but the Davis family thought that they could out wait the storm. When their Grandmother calls from a state away, frantic for help, they find themselves trying to brave the storm in canoes. Along the way they rescue a few individuals whose back history may just bring them to their end. (Even if their daughter is falling in love with one of them.) Will the family be able to come together to conquer the storm? Or will Hannah’s affections blindside them all?
    You can read the introduction on my website:
    If you would be willing to review my book, please let me know!
    Thank you!
    Eliza Rich


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