October Wrap Up & November TBR

I have actually written a wrap up for the first time in months! I am actually pretty proud of myself I don't think I have even reviewed a book since then so I am a bit rusty. A quick life update because for once it is more exciting then my reads. My partner and I … Continue reading October Wrap Up & November TBR

When your favourite authors get it so wrong!

Please raise your hand if you have ever felt personally victimised by your favourite author? Honestly is there a worse feeling then when you count down the days until your favourite authors new book. On release day (if you haven't already per ordered) you run down to the book store, purchase your new baby, grab … Continue reading When your favourite authors get it so wrong!

Hey hey hey

Hiya! Long time no type! I have been on an unofficial hiatus from blogging, bookstagram, personal instagram and Goodreads for the last 5 months. I have still been creeping but I haven't been posting. Nothing crazy happened I just felt that I wasn't enjoying being online, taking photos or even reviewing books so I just … Continue reading Hey hey hey